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*Dimensions shown include ottoman.The depths indicated are for the right and left sides respectively.

Materials: genuine leather/solid ash/steel (with a smokey, sulfurized finish)

Country of origin: Japan

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Majestic, sculptural beauty

You can use the MY ROCK LUXURY universe – symbolized by our sofa with its powerful, sculptural lines – to create unique yet harmonious scenes, for example by combining the sofa with our coffee table and dining room collection.

Beauty in curves

The sofa’s seat and backrest were designed with alternating curves, creating a unique and original look. The beauty of this piece, with its superbly finished back, can be admired from any angle.

The ottomans have been carefully designed to be perfectly placed before or on either side of the sofa.

Angles designed for comfort

The concave seating offers differing depths so that people of all ages and sizes can sit comfortably.

It also features a sloping angle between the seat and the floor, behind the legs, for a more comfortable seat.

The base of the sofa is elegantly clad in brass-like metal, to prevent any shoe scratches to the leather – particularly suitable for hotel settings. Carefully installed by expert craftsmen, it perfectly matches the sofa’s curves.

Special attention paid to leather

We have chosen a leather with a beautiful white sheen. It undergoes a unique production process to bring out its full power.

This thick, high-quality leather, which is usually reserved for bags and wallets, gives the sofa a sumptuous appearance.

Far from dimming, the piece’s beauty and brilliance are only enhanced with the passage of time.

A versatile coffee table

This table features a mobile glass top placed on two asymmetrical MORTEX bases.

The top is not fixed in place and the position of the bases can be adjusted. Both bases are hollow and can be decorated to create different ambiances, in line with the mood or occasion.

A combination of materials

The combination of rough MORTEX with a glass surface simultaneously creates a sense of both gravity and lightness. 

Plants can be placed in the cavity of the bases, for example – creating a whole miniature ecosystem that can be admired through the glass tabletop.

Practicality and design

Our three-legged chairs and the dining table, set on its pedestal, form a simple yet refined ensemble.

The table, with its hourglass-shaped base, lowers the center of gravity and creates a sense of stability. It was cleverly designed to prevent legs from bumping into it.

This piece strikes the perfect balance between design and practicality.

A beautiful wood surface complemented by smooth curves

The surface is made from solid wood, with its natural grain still visible.

It has no sharp edges and stands out for its curves, which are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Its oval shape enables you to easily and freely place your guests around the table.

We have designed our dining room set to align harmoniously with our distinctive sofa.

Special attention paid to texture

The base of the dining table is made of plywood and coated with MORTEX.

MORTEX has also been used for the upper and lower parts of the base, but applied in different ways to create two distinct textures. This attention to detail creates a different effect when exposed to natural or artificial light.

Majestically shaped chairs

The sofa’s elegant curves are mirrored in the design of our chairs. The backrest and seat are covered in leather for the same luxurious look.

The armrests have been positioned slightly below the tabletop to avoid any bumps or discomfort.

The width of the seat and the thickness of the slightly curved backrest offer optimal comfort and relaxation.