Announcement of company name change


On 15 May 2023, we will celebrate the 45th anniversary of our company.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our employees, manufacturers, business partners and the many people who have shared our hardships and successes with us and to thank you for your support.

We are pleased to announce that we will be changing the name of our company, Tork Ltd, from 20 May.

The new company name is TALK Living Co.

We have named it TALK = dialogue, which has always been important to us, and we have also named it TALK Living with the intention of putting more effort into our proposals for space than we have ever done before.

With this opportunity, we have launched a new brand, MY ROCK LUXUARY, which is not bound by genres, but challenges a wide range of manufacturing with ideas and techniques beyond the imagination. We will incorporate the spice of life into our designs and coordination as the essence of our creations and selections from the perspective of a "mature man who knows all about luxury".

With your help, we will be a luxury brand from Japan and will be introduced to Japan and the world.

Our philosophy is "BEYOND NORMALITY" and we aim to be a company that constantly redefines common sense.

We look forward to your continued support of TALKLIVING Co., ltd.

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